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Legacy 6000 CAN

Legacy 6000 also compatible with Trimble's AgGPS Autopilot System

Imagine having a single control system with the capability of managing all of your application tasks from the simplest to the most demanding. From variable rate seeding with fertilizing to multiple product application of dry and/or liquid products at the same time, the Mid-Tech Legacy 6000 system does it all.

The tasks can be done individually or all together with a single console using Mid-Tech’s new Legacy 6000 system. It’s built of modular components combined to make a custom fit in each installation. This flexibility opens a wider range of options than ever before. It also means this system is uniquely capable of supporting future growth quickly, easily and without duplicating your investment.

There are four modules in all. The console in the cab is one of these modules and the one with which people are most familiar. The other modules manage product control, the switches in the system like those that regulate boom sections on a sprayer or seed bins in an air seeder, and other network functions. All modules are linked together with a single, heavyduty communications and power cable, or bus.

When we say flexible, we mean it. An application requiring multiple product control would simply use a Product Control Module for each channel. The Switch Sense Module likewise monitors up to 20 boom sections. If there were 30 boom sections to manage, an additional Switch Sense Module connected to the network would instantly expand the system.

Adding a module is easy. It’s about the size of a paperback book and can be mounted anywhere on the chassis. It plugs into the network and is instantly recognized. Software wizards guide you through the set-up process. Servicing the system in the field is just as simple, with built-in diagnostic tools to make the job easy.

What makes this system so flexible and robust? It is a CAN bus system, a Controller Area Network, connected by a high-speed cable or bus, which allows a vast amount of information to be shared across the system. This self-managing system constantly monitors its own operational status, and reports any inconsistencies to the operator before they become a problem. It’s an entirely new way of looking at product control and how to manage it.

  • Fixed-rate or variable-rate application—liquid, dry or anhydrous products
  • Complete field mapping with hazard marking
  • Manual lightbar guidance with on-screen map display
  • Interface with automatic steering systems
  • Optional office software uses application data to create detailed job reports



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