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GPS / Mapping - TeeJet Centerline

Centerline 220 Centerline Centerline 230BP

Centerline 220


Compact Guidance for any Application

The compact CenterLine 220 is designed to let you profit from GPS lightbar guidance with any field operation. Inside the compact guidance system is a high-quality WAAS/EGNOS GPS receiver and the guidance capabilities that make Mid-Tech the leaders in lightbar guidance.


  • Versatile GPS guidance in a compact, portable package

  • LED Lightbar guidance plus a graphical display for complete guidance information

  • High-quality internal GPS engine with external antenna

  • Simple setup gets you up and running in no time

  • Straight-line (parallel) and curved AB guidance modes

  • Integrated look-ahead functionality anticipates vehicle's future position

  • Return to point feature

  • Durable, sealed rubber keypad is easy to see and provides good tactile feedback

  • Provides RADAR-like speed signal for use with other control systems that require a ground speed signal



TeeJet Centerline wireless guidance


Finally, you can afford a lightbar guidance system for spraying, seeding, and other jobs at a cost that rivals foam markers. CenterLine offers the most features, the best price, and wireless convenience in one complete kit. This compact lightbar guidance system comes with a WAAS, DGPS receiver/antenna and wireless remote control that is used to set up and operate the system through menus and options displayed on the lightbar.

CenterLine's attractive design combines a low-impact size with easy-to-see LED's that are fully adjustable using dedicated buttons on the keypad. It can be dimmed to efficiently run at night and brightened to be easily seen in full sunlight.

Key Features

  • Accurate straight-line or curved guidance

  • Easy to begin guidance - just push the "enter" button twice

  • Compact lightbar with fully adjustable brightness for day or night operation

  • Convenient wireless remote controls lightbar functions - even if the lightbar is mounted on the hood

  • instant reporting on the lightbar lets you monitor job status

  • Warns you when entering an area that's already been applied

Straight or Curved Guidance

CenterLine will guide you in swaths of all kinds with repeatable accuracy. You decide the driving pattern and CenterLine figures out the closest swath on which to guide you. There's no need to decide a field pattern ahead of time, or to commit to it for the whole time you're running swaths. CenterLine knows when it's on a new track, and will keep you informed of which one - not the other way around

Wireless Remote Control Unit

CenterLine's ergonomic, handheld control is easier to manage than most TV remotes. Seven easy-to-read keys allow you to scroll through menus displayed on the lightbar. The keypad is backlit for nighttime operation, and one set of ordinary batteries will power the unit for a whole season.

The small, powerful remote permits mounting on the hood or in the cab. When mounted on the hood, wireless communication permits easy operation while the cab stays clean and sealed from dust and contaminants.

Future Growth

Future upgrades to the system will add support like onscreen mapping, data collection, hazard marking, and full integration with other related TeeJet products and Fieldware software. Color displays on handheld computers will show maps of areas as they are being applied.

Shows the Information You Want

A text display reports the application information of your choice automatically. It also warns you when you enter an area of the field that has already been applied. If you don't want to see any reports, it can be turned off. You choose two of these messages to monitor progress in real time:

  • Current position error from active swath

  • Current swath number

  • Vehicle speed

  • Area that's been applied

  • Course relatvie to 360 position

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

CenterLine takes just a few minutes to install, so it's easy to move it from one vehicle to another as your needs change with the seasons.

Set up is easy and is saved in memory. When the CenterLine is initially installed, several parameters are entered into the system to assure proper guidance. After this one-time set up, you can begin guidance simply by hitting the "enter" key twice.


TeeJet Centerline 230/Boom Pilot

Advanced Guidance and Automatic Boom Section Control improves the way you work and puts money on your bottom line.

CenterLine 230BP combines effective GPS guidance with automatic boom section control. Guidance modes include parallel, curved AB and headland modes. Setup is quick and easy, and the overhead map view is simple and intuitive. 

Automatic boom section control uses your GPS location and a record of sprayed area to automatically switch off any sprayer boom sections that overlap a previously applied area. This capability is very useful on point rows, in situations where swaths are curved, and even at the end of each pass. Reducing overlap saves material inputs, crop stress, fuel, time and operator stress.

Automatic boom section control capability is built into the console. Simply connect the appropriate SmartCable to interface with your existing spray rate controller. CenterLine 230BP is compatible with most rate controllers, and installation is quick and easy.

  • GPS Guidance PLUS 6 Section Auto Boom Section Control

  • GPS guidance in Parallel, Curved AB and Headland modes  

  • Guidance information shown on numerical data page and intuitive map page

  • Simple, intuitive operation with icon-based setup screens

  • Automatic boom section control for up to 15 boom sections

  • Saves money and time by using GPS to automatically control boom section off-on status

  • High-quality internal GPS engine with small external antenna

  • Compatible with FieldPilot automated steering systems

  • Return to point feature

  • Applied area counter

TeeJet now offers an extended warranty for the Centerline 230BP.  For more information and a warranty form, click here.



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