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Killbros Grain Carts  & Wagons

Killbros, Premium Quality Grain Handling Equipment at an Economical Price.
Manufactured by Unverferth Mfg.

Standard Features & Benefits:

  • Graphite coated interior for quick unloading and complete cleanout.

  • One-piece box construction for durability.

  • Large 60" door with 12" sample door for quick and convenient unloading of even high-moisture corn.

  • Wheel-operated door with gear reduction and lock for easy unloading.

  • Convenient light over chute for nighttime unloading.

  • 8-bolt hubs/wheels on 1055 and 10-bolt hubs/wheels on 1065

  • Adjustable chute height for unloading into different augers and conveyors.

  • Bent-sill design provides tighter turning radius for better maneuverability.

  • Center-dump deflector chute is standard

  • Surge brakes automatically disengage when backing for operator convenience

  • Torsion arm suspension keeps box tight to gear during empty transport.

  • Extendable tongue with spring-assist for easy hookup along with standard safety chain.

  • Lighting and reflective stripes that meet the strictest state requirements

  • Steep end slopes for excellent cleanout (37 on 1065, 40 on 1055)


Standard Features for 1100 Series Grain Carts:

  • Corner auger provides maximum visibility and reach.

  • Hydraulically operated flow-control door with gauge for metering grain.

  • Sump is located outside of cart for complete unloading.

  • Four-position drive dog reduces startup shock to maximize driveline longevity.

  • Unloading auger is mounted outside of the tank for superior cleanout.

  • Convenient viewing windows in front and rear offer safer and easier viewing of cart contents.


Standard Features for Model 110 Dual Auger Carts:

  • Has a 20" vertical auger with a 18" horizontal auger.

  • Cupped flighting in vertical auger for faster unloading.

  • Vertical auger folds across the front and within the width of the cart for transport.

  • Chain oiling system for drive chains.

  • Standard friction clutch 1 3/4" - 20 spline PTO

  • Sliding flow gate system allows for low startup torque and 100% shut off.

Undercarriage Options:

  • High-floatation singles

  • Walking tandem duals

  • Tracks - 36" wide x 132" long

More info on Killbros - Info Links page



73747 130th Street

Zearing, Iowa 50278

Phone: (641) 487-7608     Fax: (641) 487-7606



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