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Top Air  Sprayers

Top Air Premiere T-Tank Sprayers

TA1200 • TA1600 • TA2400

Top Air T-Tank Sprayers


Top Air T-Tank Sprayers

112 • 116

Many options in stock and priced to move!

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Premiere T-Tank Sprayers TA1200 • TA1600 • TA2400

The Top Air Premier series T-Tank sprayers feature the largest capacities and boom sizes for covering maximum acres in minimum time. And, a long list of standard features including:

  • Independent rubber-cushioned axle suspension for smoother ride

  • Containment tank sump design ensures the pump stays primed, even when the tank is close to empty, on inclines and sidehills.

  • Adjustable-width axles and undercarriage options of singles, duals or tracks

  • Tri-fold, front-folding booms in widths from 80‘ to 132’

  • Stainless-steel boom plumbing for maximum life

  • Chemical-saving Flo-Bak ball valves

  • Wireless Controller - Allows for easy maintenance of spray tips and promotes a cleaner tractor cab!

  • Stainless-steel boom plumbing and hardware provides corrosion resistance and durability.


  • Choose from various wheel and tire options, including an easy add-on dual wheel package featuring 10-bolt hubs with high tensile steel spindles, to meet your specific farming operation.

  • Independent Axle Suspension allows each wheel to independently move from the other, allowing one side of the axle to adapt to the terrain while the opposite side reacts to its terrain. In short, it provides the smoothest ride over rough ground allowing for minimal boom movement and faster spraying speeds!

  • Exclusive Containment Tank Sump features a "sump within a sump" that holds the last 30-50 gallons of liquid, keeping the pump primed even on inclines and side hills.

  • The 2400-gallon capacity tank is custom molded and is constructed of thick-walled, highly durable, UV resistant polyethylene.
    Agitation controls are standard on both sprayer frame and the in-cab controls. The agitation nozzles provide a 5:1 mixing ratio, for rapid chemical mixing.

  • Dual rinse nozzles, located inside the tank, provide quick and easy cleanup from one solution to another. Interior stainless-steel baffle provides load stabilization.

  • The high capacity 165-gallon rinse tank makes cleanup and changing tank mixes complete, quick and easy. Also equipped with a 9-gallon clean water tank with eye wash tube and spout.

  • Spray taller crops with a 30" underframe clearance.

  • Centralized command center provides all sprayer functions in one area for easy setup and operation. Tip pressure gauge rotates to be viewed from sprayer or tractor cab for operator convenience.

  • Available with gray or yellow main tank body and contrasting red or green powder-coated undercarriage respectively.


  • Equip the TA2400 with a 120’ or 132’ compact, tri-fold, front-folding boom, that has a transport width of only 12'!

  • Each boom offers dual boom lengths, with foam transfer, when equipped with the optional foam marker.

  • The 120’ will also spray at 90’

  • The 132’ will also spray at 88’

  • The center section also features both dual springs and shock absorbers for ideal maximum cushioning.

  • Meet the most demanding spray requirements with adjustable boom height from 19" - 76".

  • For smooth spraying over uneven terrain, the boom wings are hydraulically adjustable to tilt from 15-degrees above to 5-degrees below horizontal. For stability the booms also feature wing locks that mechanically lock the first and second wing sections to operate as a continuous wing.

  • The compact parallel-lift system provides for smooth, stable, on-the-go boom height adjustment and superior crop clearance.

  • The outer wing sections feature the roller and ramp breakaway system that allows the boom end to quickly return to spraying position should it come into contact with an obstruction.

  • The boom's closeness to the trailer provides optimum rigidity and less stress for extended boom life.

  • FLO-BAK® ball valves automatically return any remaining liquid in the plumbing at the time of shutoff, back to the tank rather than out of the boom. This feature saves chemical and money with each shutoff and is environmentally friendly. (See FLO-BAK calculator for estimated savings)

  • The ball valves are also mounted on the boom for the fastest response and accurate coverage.

  • The wet-boom with stainless steel plumbing and hardware is mounted behind the boom frame for extended life and superior nozzle protection.


  •  15 Gal Liquid/Dry Inductor Optional

Lowers to waist level

      • 4 1/2" Pressure Gauges Pivots for better view

      • Command Center

      • Electric Command Optional



• Containment tank sump holds the last 30-50 gals of liquid, keeping the pump primed even in hills and sidehills

• Two agitation nozzles provide a 5:1 mixing ratio to keep spray solution properly suspended

• Stainless Steel tank baffle for load stabilization

• Two rinse nozzles suspended from top of the tank



• Easy access ladder w/ gas strut assist for easy raising and lowering

• 160 gal clean water rinse tank on TA1600, 140 gal on TA1200

• Easy-read tank sight gauge

• Foam concentrate tank - No need for mixing




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Zearing, Iowa 50278

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