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Made in USA - Cedar Falls, IA!  Conveyors are available in standard or stainless steel models.  Hydraulic, gas, or electric powered units and hydraulic movers are also available. 


1500 Series Conveyor



1500 Series Conveyor Features:

  • The UniTube® 1500 Series Tube Conveyor is ideal for handling a wide variety of materials including corn, soybeans and other grains.

  • Available in lengths starting at 35, up to 85'.
    Capacities range from 3,000 bph up to 6,000 bph.

  • 15" 2 ply chevron belt is housed in a 10" diameter tube

  • Spring loaded collapsible hopper is standard on each unit

  • Windguards are optional on the 35' to 55' conveyors (standard on 65' and longer).

  • PTO, electric, hydraulic and gas drives are available.

  • Heavy duty construction to last year after year.


2200 Series Conveyor

2200 Series Conveyor Features:

  • 14" tubing houses a 22" wide 2 ply chevron belt allowing for capacities up to 10,000 bph.

  • Great for any high-capacity grain handling along with corn, soybeans or any seed handling.

  • Need to pile outdoors? The 2200 UniTube® is ideal for you. Also ideal for abrasive products like fertilizer, sand, salt or crushed glass.

  • Heavy duty construction


Field Loader

From the leader in gentle handling the Unitube handles all your delicate products. Great for seed, edible beans, crops, and commodities. Also ideal for abrasive type products; salt, sand, crushed glass and fertilizer.



Drive Over Conveyor

The Drive Over Belt conveyor handles capacities up to 10,000 bph. Easily drive right over the ramp with semi-tractor-trailer or grain cart. Drive over is hydraulically raised and lowered for transport, and has an 8' X 12' solid deck so you have no ramps to fold up. Available in Carbon or Stainless Steel, the heavy duty construction is sure to last season after season.




Low Profile Transfer Conveyor

The Universal UniTube® line offers a Low Profile Transfer Conveyor. The Low Pro easily reaches under belly-dumps with no mess to clean up when done. Our 72" collapsible hopper is the longest in the industry. The low profile handles capacities up to 6,000 bph. The Low Profile is easy to move and position by one man with the convenient push handle. Perfect for feeding other conveyors the Low Pro has a discharge height of 36". Available in Carbon or Stainless Steel with an electric or hydraulic drive.



1525 Mini Loader

•Shorter hopper length allows unit to be closer to bins
•Discharge height still reaches grain wagons and trailers
•Low hopper profile to fit under bins or wagons with ease
•Same capacity as standard Field Loader
•Compact unit for indoor/outdoor use
*Capacity depends on elevated angle, material moisture and density. Specifications subject to change




Low Profile Self Contained Gas Unit

•Self contained gas drive - no tractor needed
•Longest collapsible hopper in the industry
•Easily reaches under belly dumps with no mess
•Capacities up to 6,000 BPH





1525 UniTube

•Compact unit - only 29' overall length
•Versatility allows easy use indoors or outdoors
•Load grain wagons and semis with ease
•Capacities up to 6,000 BPH





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Rem Grain Vacs
We have many Rem Vacs and parts on hand


Seed Tenders
Make planting go faster with a seed tender