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Wheatheart grain handling equipment includes augers/conveyors ranging from 8'2" - 125' length and 8" - 16" diameter.  See below for more information on augers/conveyors as well as drive over pits, transfer augers, etc.  Call us today with any questions! 641-487-7608





Introducing the new Wheatheart GULP Drive Over Hopper!

The GULP Drive Over Hopper makes your job easier on the farm. The GULP's ultra-low profile allows for efficient and quick truck unloading for on-farm applications.

The GULP is an ultra-low profile drive over hopper that transports with a 13" Wheatheart swing auger. It removes the need to re-attach or re-position multiple pieces of equipment when unloading trucks and trailers. The drive over unit hydraulically lowers and swings into position while the one-touch ramp deployment provides easy setup in minutes. Compatible with almost all trucks, this drive over hopper is only 4.5" high and features a large catchment area and revolutionary chevron belt to auger transition.


• Transports with your auger, no disconnecting necessary
• Lowest profile 4.5" drive over height, works with any truck
• Large 52" x 80" catchment area



X160 Series Auger



X Series 16" Auger, available in 85', 105' and 125' lengths with capacity over 23,000 BPH.


Wheatheart's 16" Auger features:

  • 11 3/4" low profile hopper with triple flighting

  • Heavy-duty A-frame undercarriage for strength and stability

  • Large boot with sealed flex spout for increased capacity

  • Square flight connections with Wear Edge technology at critical grain transfer points

  • Remote electric power swing

  • Commercial grade top truss 




X Series 13" Augers


 The X Series 13" auger is available in 74', 84' and 94' lengths.

The New X Series 13" Auger Features:

  • Heavy-duty scissor lift undercarriage

  • Massive 4" x 10" tubing

  • Extendable axles

  • Dual cylinder lift

  • Steel trussing for 84' and 94' auger ◦2 ½" steel trussing max strength and stability (74' has cable trussing)

  • Better serviceability: external grease points on hopper u-joints and gearbox u-joints, large hinged cleanouts on boot, large gearbox inspection plates and hopper service door

  • Increased capacity

  • Tapered boot maintains max capacity in all positions

  • New flight connections

  • Square one bolt flight connections provide positive torque transfer



SA Series 10" Augers

Available in 71', 81', and 91' lengths


SA Series 10" Auger Features

  • Capacities up to 6,000 bu/hr (163 tonnes/hr)

  • 14 GA tube, 7 gauge flight with 1/4" wear-edge sections in critical wear areas

  • 61', 71', and 81' models are equipped with 5/16" galvanized steel cable truss system

  • 91' model is equipped with a combination of 2 1/2" steel tube and 3/8" galvanized steel cable truss system

  • Equipped with heavy-duty constant velocity (CV) PTO shaft to eliminate vibrations for smoother running and less stress on the drive train
    •Extendable axles on 81' and 91' models - offers 40" of adjustment
    •Flared lower tube for improved feeding with replaceable 14" flight section
    •Spring-loaded safety discharge door on intake hopper guards against main auger overloading
    •Wear Edge flighting at critical grain transfer point


SA Series 10" Auger Features

  • Right-angle drive

  • Hopper tarp

  • Reverser kit

  • PowerSwing

  • Flex downspouts

  • Hydraulic winch kits

  • Corn screen

  • Remote electric PowerSwing



SA Series Flex


With a hydraulic hopper mover that extends over 15' and covers up to 287% more area than any conventional swing-away, you're able to reach both hoppers on a 54' grain trailer or gravity wagon without repositioning the truck.

The SA Flex includes all the standard features of our SA series portable augers, including the heavy-duty under carriage with hydraulic scissor lift system for smooth action and positive control. 



R Series Grain Auger

The R Series offers versatile, quality-built, portable grain augers.

These straight-line augers are built tough and dependable with a long reach, wear-edge intake and easy access frame. Choose from gas, electric or PTO drive systems that work in conjunction with our belt drive to move grain fast. A mover kit option is also available.


R Series Grain Auger Features:

  • 6 models to choose from

  • Easy-access frame

  • Long reach

  • Proven design

  • Wear-edge intake



  • Drives: gas engine, electric motor or belt drive PTO

  • Down spouts

  • Hoppers

  • Hydraulic winch

  • Self-Propelled Kit

  • Hydrostatic bin sweep

  • Electric clutch



SA PowerSwing

Hydraulic drive moves your swing-hopper on soft or uneven ground


SA PowerSwing Features:

  • Fits low-profile and regular swing-hoppers

  • Hydraulic two-wheel drive keeps hopper level

  • Wide pneumatic tires for positive traction

  • Top-wind 2000 lb jack

  • Flanged Oilen wheel bearings

  • Flow controlled hydraulic valve

  • Easy height adjustment

  • Complete with hydraulic hoses (less tractor end couplers)

  • Easy installation

  • Fits Most Auger Makes!



Transfer Augers

Versatile transfer augers are available in 8” and 10" diameters with choice of gas, electric or hydraulic drive. 13” transfer augers are available in hydraulic drive only. These low profile (just 12 1/4" at the hopper back) transfer augers fit under the lowest hopper bottoms. The hopper is balanced for easy moving, while a hanger bushing eliminates tube chatter.

Transfer Auger Features:

  • Smoother, Faster, Quieter Operation

  • U-joints are eliminated by using multiple drives

  • Double Drive on the 10" features 2 orbit motors

  • Double Drive on the 13” features 1 orbit motor

Electric Drive

•Offers smooth operation

Hydraulic Drive
• Includes valve and orbit motor with easy access control of two 10” hydraulic motors

Gas Drive

• Features a quick detach plate with reduction gearbox for easy starting under load.
• The 8” auger is powered by a 5.5 hp Honda engine, while the 10” features a 9 hp Honda engine

9" Poly Transfer Auger - Just 125 lbs.
The 9" poly transfer auger is the lightweight alternative! Our poly hopper and 9" tube reduces weight (only 125 Ibs) and resists corrosion and offers easy one-person handling and storage. The 8'2" length stores horizontally on semi trailers for legal transport. The unit also features an adjustable discharge angle for low trailers. Available in hydraulic drive only.



Self Propelled Auger Transport Kit

Never push, pull or lift an auger again.

With Wheatheart's Self-Propelled Auger Transport Kit, one person can move the largest auger with ease. Our add-on package, which fits all auger makes, features a central control panel to raise, lower and drive the auger.

Each kit comes complete with all necessary brackets, pulleys, valves, hoses and fittings, as well as a winch kit and dolly wheel frame.

**Fits Most Augers**

Electric Clutch option also available

Self Propelled Auger Transport Kit Features
•10" models available in 31', 36', 41' and 51' lengths.
•8" available in 31', 36', 41', 46' and 51' lengths.
•Optional Self-Propelled Mover Kit allows one person to position the largest auger with ease.
•Rugged A-frame design provides maximum stability.
•Up to 40% longer reach at the intake end of the auger for better access to bins.



Portable Drive Over Pits

Set up a fast grain transfer operation anywhere with the Wheatheart Portable Pit - Ideal for high volume harvesters.

Available in 10" and 13" Sizes and features a low-profile (7 3/8" operating deck) minimal maintenance design and is hydraulically or electrically powered. The 10" pit has dual 6" horizontal augers and a 10" x 7' discharge. The 13" has three 6" horizontal augers and a 13" x 7' discharge. A large side hopper accommodates side discharge grain carts. This unit also features spring assisted ramps and a rear mounted hydraulic axle for easy transport.

Portable Drive Over Pits Features:
• Hydraulically or electrically powered.Low-profile (7 3/8" operating deck) minimal maintenance design.



Hydrostatic Bin Sweeps move more grain faster!

Hydrostatic SuperSweep
The Hydrostatic Supersweep's high-capacity cupped 8" flighting moves grain fast, while its backboard with handles scrapes floor clean in one pass! The variable speed orbital motor lets the operator control grain flow to the auger intake. The Hydrostatic Supersweep works great on both field-piled grain and aerated floors.

Portable Standard SuperSweep
The Portable Standard Supersweep features a unique upright design in a wheeler style, which provides easy movement over any terrain. The easy-starting 9 hp Honda motor with 7 gal hydraulic reservoir provides plenty of power for those bigger jobs.

Unique Safe-T-Valve
All our Wheatheart binsweeps feature a unique patented Safe-T-Valve with manual re-set that shuts down flighting automatically if it plugs or jams.

In-Bin SuperSweep
The In-Bin Supersweed has cupped 8" flighting to move grain fast, while the backboard scrapes the bin floor behind the auger. In one pass the SuperSweep takes everything. The In-Bin SuperSweep comes with 11½" flighting and a universal mount for any centre delivery bin floor. The In-Bin Supersweep pivot assembly has a 10" adjustment which makes it fit any bin. This unit can be moved from bin to bin, so it’s the only sweep you need.

SuperSweep Drive Wheel
The SuperSweep Drive Wheel is recommended for use with larger bins (over 24' diameter) or when a more aggressive feed into the grain pile is desired. An 8" drive wheel propels the unit and attached SuperSweep into the pile. Since the SuperSweep Drive Wheel is driven by the rotating flighting on the SuperSweep, no additional power supply is necessary. It features a quick attachment to the SuperSweep backboard using a single hairpin. (Wt. Approx. 58 lbs)


R/GHR Intake Hopper

Wheatheart's intake hopper option for your R or GHR auger makes it easier to unload bins and fill trucks without the hassle of a poly hopper.

  • Available in 8" and 10" models

  • Optional wheel kit with adjustable height

  • Wear Edge flight in hopper

  • Self-leveling hopper with tapered transition neck

  • Easy clean out with removable access plate

  • Complete with tow hitch and fixed position stabilizer bar

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