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Wil-Rich 657 DCR Combination Disc, Chisel

The Award-Winning Wil-Rich 657 DCR (Disc, Chisel) is the outstanding performer for today's farmer. The 657 was named by Farm Industry News' readers as one of the best, most innovative products of 2006 and was one of the recipients of the 2006 FinOvation award

The 657 DCR is available with a hydraulic depth control cutting gang. The 20 inch diameter cutting blades can be your choice of smooth blades, for slicing residue, allowing more residue to remain on top soil. Or concave blades, slicing and mixing residue with soil for blacker top soil. For mixing and breaking the soil, you have the options of chisel plow shanks or a combination of chisel plow shanks followed by deep till shank


  • 657 DCR 11', 13', 15' and 18' are rigid non-folding units. 657 DCR 18', 23' and 28' are folding units. All main frames have tandem axles with 11L x 15 12 ply tires.

  • Frame is built with 4 x 6 x 3/8" tubular steel. Units are available in pull type hitch and use 2"draw bar pin.

  • Straight cutter gangs will size residue allowing the residue to flow through the shank and harrow to eliminate plugging. Gangs are protected by two C-springs to help minimize damage to blades by hidden foreign objects buried beneath top soil. Blades are mounted on 7-1/2" spacing and have a maximum working depth of 7". A visual gauge of relative cutting depth is standard equipment.

  • Concave disk blades will turn and mix residue with the top soil. Each blade is mounted on its own C-Spring for protection from hidden obstacles. Concave disk blades are spaced at 15" and have maximum working depth of 7".

  • 3000 pound spring reset with minimal disturbance shank or a parabolic shank with 14" maximum working depth.

  • 1400 pound chisel plow shank with compression spring. 1-1/4x2x30 on-edge shank. 10 inch maximum working depth.

  • 3-Bar heavy duty coil tine harrow. Five tine adjustments. 5/8" diameter wire. 30" long tooth. Spring loaded harrow arms.

  • 5-bar spike tooth harrow

  • 2-bar coil tine harrow with flat bar basket

  • 657 DCR's are available with rigid pull type hitches only that use a 2 inch draw pin.



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