Burchland Drive Over

The Burchland Drive Over Hopper Makes Unloading Grain Easy!

Burchland Drive Over Hoppers

The GSX Series Grain Shuttle is a portable drive over hopper designed to make unloading grain trailers into a bin quick and easy.


  • Quick and easy to transport. Can be towed behind a tractor or a pickup and quickly lowered to the ground for operation.
  • Spring assisted ramps make set-up and transport a one person operation.
  • The low 7 3/8” deck of the GSX Drive over hopper height means standard, non ag hopper trailers will have plenty of clearance.
  • The 60” long ramps create a gentle slope that any truck can climb over.
  • With a 48” hopper opening you can completely open the grain chute door without moving the truck. No more dumping most of the hopper then re-positioning the truck to fully open the door and finish the job.
  • Stop the truck, dump the front hopper then move the truck one time to dump the back hopper. When finished, drive away without having to roll or swing hoppers out of the way.
  • A standard side-dump hopper can be used to dump gravity wagons. There is no need to move the drive over hopper to access the bin fill auger with a wagon.
  • Custom sizes and options are available!

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