J&M Wagons and Grain Carts

J&M Grain Carts are built with the durability you have come to expect with the J&M Mfg line of equipment. Move your grain faster, when you need it, and with better visibility to make sure the job gets done. See more information below and ask us for a quote today for a J&M Grain cart!

X-Tended Reach, Dual Auger Carts

32 Series X-Tended Reach Grain Carts

Get the Best of Both Worlds!

Maximum Upward, Outward and Forward Auger Reach

J&M’s new 32 Series X-Tended Reach grain carts take dual auger designs to the next level by combining all the advantages of a single auger front folding design with the low profile of a dual auger grain cart.

The vertical unloading auger features a front-folding X-Tended Reach design, providing greater upward, outward and forward reach for superior operator visibility and reduced fatigue. A 22” diameter bullet auger, reinforced at critical wear points and 7/16” MaxEdge flighting with 7” pitch at intake, provides maximum unloading speed and durability. The patented telescoping Side-Shooter Flow Control Spout allows for precision placement of the grain while unloading, reducing the chance of spilling and ensuring an easy and complete fill of the trailer every time.

The 20” horizontal auger is powered by a reliable direct drive, double gearbox design. No need to hassle with belts, sprockets or pulleys that can cause problems and add to maintenance costs. Instead of the horizontal auger simply dropping the grain into a sump to be unloaded by the vertical auger, the horizontal floor auger is designed at the base of the vertical auger to smoothly transfer the grain, easing the transition angle and damaging less grain while unloading

The 1,150 – 2,300 bushel tank designs feature a much lower profile than competitors, making it easy for the combine auger to fill, even on extreme terrain. Large flotation tires, walking tandem dual wheels and a durable track system are available to fit your precise farming situation.

Take your farming to the next level with a front folding 32 Series X-Tended Reach dual auger grain cartdesigned to maximize your harvesting efficiency.

Models 1132 • 1432 • 1832 • 2032 • 2332


X-Tended Reach Grain Carts

12 Series X-Tended Reach Grain Carts

Maximum Upward, Outward and Forward Auger Reach

Since our first patented front-folding corner auger cart was introduced in the late 1980s, we’ve been designing and building
innovative grain carts that help farmers maximize their operating efficiency. The X-Tended Reach Series of grain carts continues
this trend, having recently been awarded another U.S. patent for its unique auger design. The 12 Series X-Tended Reach design
continues to offer the operator 100% visibility during unloading AND equally important 100% visibility during the folding sequence.
But the rigid upper auger has been X-Tended for even greater outward, upward and forward reach, all while folding diagonally along
the front of the cart for compact storage.       

Models 812 • 1012 • 1112 • 1312 • 1412


22 Series X-Tended Reach Grain Carts

Maximum Upward, Outward and Forward Auger Reach AND

Maximum Reach for the Combine Auger

The 22 Series X-Tended Reach grain carts offer the same maximum upward, outward and forward auger reach as the 12 Series, but also includes J&M’s patented Leaner tank design. The low side of the grain cart features a bolt-on tank design that extends toward the combine auger for additional two feet, giving both the combine and grain cart operators more room to navigate in the field without overlap. Your combine auger just gained two feet of side reach, making harvesting easier, especially with wider heads.  

Models 1122 • 1222 • 1522


Legacy Model Grain Carts

Mid-Size Capacity      525 • 620 • 750 • 875

Large Capacity      1000 • 1051 • 1151 • 1326 • 1401


Unmatched Design and Performance

While all grain carts share basic components (like gearboxes and power take-off shafts) and basic features (like folding augers and discharge spouts), not all grain carts utilize these basic components and features in a design that maximizes it’s performance and usability. J&M grain carts offer many design features that create a level of performance that is unmatched throughout the industry.

Unique Auger Design

Only J&M’s Front Folding Auger Design Offers Total Visibility

Designed with the operator in mind, the upper auger is positioned in the corner and extends toward the tractor cab, creating a closer, clearer view when unloading grain. The Front-Folding Auger features a unique design that provides 100% visibility during unloading AND equally important 100% visibility during the folding sequence. Other carts try to use words “corner-like” and

“100% visibility” to appear the same, but they don’t compare.

Balanced Tongue Weight

The weight distribution of J&M grain carts are superb compared to competitive carts. The undercarriage axle is positioned to produce a properly balanced tongue weight, reducing the stress and upgrade costs on your tractor draw bar.

Computer Balanced Auger

Super-Edge Flighting Balanced to Within One Ounce

All J&M grain carts feature thick flighting with a patented Super-Edge that puts more material where it is needed, on the outer edge. In addition, we reinforce the

flighting at critical wear points to increase life and durability.

All augers are balanced to within ONE Ounce. Precision manufacturing ensures a quiet running system that extends overall auger life and performance by reducing vibration to the drive system.

Large Capacity Gravity Wagons

Designed To Be The Best

Models 455 • 555 • 655 • 755 Gravity Wagons

The new 55 Series Gravity Wagons feature a sump tank design with steeper end

slopes (up to 42 degrees) and back slopes (up to 33 degrees) for maximum cleanout, even in higher moisture grains.

The extra wide 60” door provides fast unloading, while the oversized door wheel

with heavy-duty gear reduction door opener makes opening and closing effortless and easily accessible from either side of the door. Extra large inspection windows provide maximum visibility into the tank while the deluxe LED lights provide maximum visibility during road transport.

Designed with oversized sleeved spindles and oil-bath hubs, the 16 Ton Running Gear and the 24 Ton Running Gear with cushion tongue, dual lift spring and optional hydraulic drum brakes ensure maximum performance. Rubber mounted absorbers between the box and gear reduce noise during transport, while the pull-through rear tongue protects the wagon from wear and tear while towing multiple units at a time.

Small Capacity Gravity Wagons

Small Capacity Gravity Wagons

A common misconception is that all wagons are designed the same. Therefore, it is assumed that the wagon with the greatest amount of back slope will clean out better.

This is not necessarily true. Some competitor wagons rely solely on steep slopes and gravity for unloading. With their design, the angle of slope becomes critical for complete cleanout, especially in higher moisture grains. With these designs, an extra degree of slope could make all the difference. We take the design of the tank one step further. Not only are our wagons engineered with a steep back slope, but we also utilize a Sump Design to maximize cleanout. The sump design “pulls” grain

into the unloading chute. Not All Wagons Utilize This Feature! This is why J&M gravity wagons have built an excellent reputation for complete cleanout even in high moisture grains!


• For over five decades and with over 50,000 sold to date, models 250-7S and 250-7SB have proven to be well-constructed, reliable and economical wagons.

Model 250-7 Gravity Wagon

• 165 Bushel Capacity (no sideboards)

• 8 Ton Capacity Running Gear

Model 250-7SB Gravity Wagon

• 250 Bushel Capacity (includes 15” tall sideboards)

• 10 Ton Capacity Running Gear

• Optional Rocking Bolster

Model 385-24 Gravity Wagon

• 385 Bushel Capacity

• 13 Ton Capacity Running Gear

• Standard Rocking Bolster

• Sleeved Spindles for Maximum Strength

• Optional Metering Door

• Optional Dual Compartments with Separate Positive Lock Doors for Independent Operation

Bolt-Together Chaser Bins and Wagons

Harvest season rarely goes according to plan, but nothing is

more dependable when it comes to getting the job done than

the trusted line of J&M Front-Folding Corner Auger Carts and Wagons. Contact us for more details on the Bolt-Together products!

move grain like you mean business