Shield Ag Fertilizer Accessories

Shield Agricultural Equipment has been designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative agricultural products for more than 50 years in Hutchinson, KS.

From the Toolbar to the Soil, ShieldAG manufactures a complete line of fertilizer application gear, including a wide variety of fertilizer knives, complete row units, shanks and clamps. The Acra-Plant line expands ShieldAG’s fertilizer application equipment into No-Till and Min-Till environments.

From “Bag-to-Bin”, ShieldAG has a full line of high-capacity, low damage seed and grain handling equipment. ShieldAg belted grain and seed conveyors are designed for high volume grain movement with minimal damage to the commodity.

ShieldAG Britten Crop Savers and ABM Milo Guards help Midwest farmers save and salvage poor stands of milo (sorghum), sunflowers, and soybeans. ShieldAG also distributes a high quality line of baler, draper and conveyor belting. Call NESSA Inc for for a full catalog of Shield Ag products. 641-487-7608.

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