Tillage Equipment

Get your field ready for better yields with our lines of tillage equipment. Innovative, durable equipment that is built to stand the test of time, and hard work in the field. There are more models than shown so please contact us for more information!

Unverferth Zone-Builder® Subsoiler

Like roots in a too-small container, your performance would be less than its best if you had to live and work each day in such cramped spaces. Yields suffer when compaction keeps roots from growing freely into the subsoil for optimum nutrient and water uptake. The Zone-Builder® subsoiler from Unverferth lets plants stretch their legs (and their roots) by opening passageways through the hardpan with minimal surface disruption. Long-term university research confirms deep-tilling with tools such as the Zone-Builder implement raise yields and income.

Wil-Rich Tillage Equipment

Wil-Rich is known as the innovative leader in tillage equipment throughout North America and in various foreign markets. The Wil-Rich line of equipment includes secondary and primary tillage equipment such as cultivators and rippers, seeding and planting equipment and heavy-duty disc harrows.

more models available than shown. contact us for more details!