VR12 Rem Grain Vac

The Rem Grain Vac VR12 is the newest redesign of the grain vac you know and love. Clean out your bins easier and faster than ever before – and with less noise!


The REM VR12 will clean out your bins faster and easier than ever before. By utilizing VR technology, the VR12 is able to get 9,000-10,000 bph with a 130 HP tractor. 1000 bushels in approximately 6 minutes will save you time and money. See how the VR12 can benefit your farm or commercial operation.

• VR12 fan design lasts 25% longer than previous models.
• Sound Volume Quieter than the Tractor
• Leak-Proof Clean Out Door Opens Fully by Hand
• Large access ports to all key components including the
fan, wear wraps and stators.

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