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ATV / UTV , Lawn & Garden Sprayers

When it comes to our smaller line of sprayers, we don’t compromise on quality. You want things to work like you are used to out in the field, and we have you covered. See our many options below and give us a call to narrow down the best option for your needs!

Top Air ATV Sprayer


Go Where You Can’t With a Full Size Sprayer! The Top Air ATV Sprayer is a smaller version of the agricultural high-quality sprayers you have come to expect. The Top Air ATV sprayer works great for rainy seasons where bigger sprayers can’t make it through.

200 Gallon

60′ or 45′ Boom

Adjustable Tandem Axles 60″ – 90″

5.5 HP Honda Driven Centrifugal Pump

Optional Foamer

Raven 440 Rate Controller



Maxi Sprayer

  • 110 – 150 Gallon Models
  • 20 – 30 ft Boom
  • Walking Tandem Axles
  • Axles Adjust for Row Spacing
  • 4 HP Honda Engine with 22.5 GPM Centrifugal Pump
  • Pull with a Larger ATV or Small Utility Tractor
  • Clean Water Rinse Tank
  • Auto Boom Breakaway
  • High Floatation Tires (20 x 10 x 8.0)
  • Adjustable Hitch Height
  • 1 Year Sprayer Warranty
  • Manual Boom Section Control
  • Electric Controls Optional
  • Foam Marker Optional

ATV Skid Sprayer

50 or 100 Gallon
7 gal/min electric pump, or 4 HP Honda gas engine-driven centrifugal pump
12′, 18, or 22′ Boom, or Boomless Nozzles
Fully Drainable Tank For Easy Clean-out
Tank is low profile for better visibility
Hose Reel & Spray Wand
Control Arm or Optional Electric Controls


Enduraplas Field Boss 365

60 or 100 Gallon

Fully Drainable Tank

Built-in Sight Glass Kit

Spring-Loaded Control Arm or Optional Electric Controls

Optional 22 GPM Centrifugal Pump

12,   up to 30 ft boom, or boomless options

Fork Pockets for Easy Loading


Enduraplas Field Boss XStream

60 or 100 gallon

5.8 GPM Diaphragm Pump

Low Profile Tank for Stability

Heavy Duty Poly Hose Reel


Pull Behind Mini Sprayer

Commercial Quality

50 Gal Low Profile Tru-Kleen Tank

16.5 x 6.5 x8 High Floatation Turf Tires

Tank has molded Anti-Vortex Baffles

All Terrain Design

Hose Reel, 50ft Hose & Spray Wand

Options: Boom, Control, & Pumps

ATX Series Sprayers

40 & 60 Gallon ATX Series all-terrain utility sprayers are great for maintaining estates, lawns, farmettes, wildlife food plots, pastures, golf course turf and more. They are built for heavy duty Commercial/ Farming applications and complete with a One-Year Warranty.  
  • High quality pistol grip spray gun with adjustable spray patterns
  • TeeJet® 6B manual control valve with pressure regulator and gauge
  • Jet agitation
  • Heavy-duty steel frame with powder coated finish
  • 40 or 60 gal capacity tanks

3 Mounting Configuration Options

ATX 60 Gallon Sprayer on Trailer mount 
ATX-60 with ATX-TR configuration towed behind a tractor
ATX 60 Gallon Sprayer on 3pt mount 
ATX-60 with ATX-3PT configuration mounted on a compact tractor
ATX 40 Gallon Sprayer on 3pt mount 
ATX-40 with ATX-SK configuration mounted on a utility vehicle
  • ATX-TR
    • Tows behind your ATV, tractor, or utility vehicle
  • ATX-3PT
    • Attaches to your compact or sub-compact tractor with category 1 three point hitch
  • ATX-SK
    • Fits nicely in the bed of your all-terrain utility vehicle

3 Boom Options

20′ boomless nozzles
  • 13′ Manual X-fold Boom
    • Boom breakaway protection
    • Non-drip TeeJet® nozzle bodies
    • TeeJet® ceramic flat fan spray nozzles
  • 20′ Manual X-fold Boom
    • Boom breakaway protection
    • Non-drip TeeJet® nozzle bodies
    • TeeJet® ceramic flat fan spray nozzles
  • 20′ Boomless Nozzles
    • Economical alternative to a traditional boom
    • Excellent for rocky or rough terrain where accuracy is less critical

Pump Options

  • All ATX sprayers are equipped with a 12 V diaphragm pump
  • 3PT 60 gal ATX sprayers can be equipped with a 12 V diaphragm pump or PTO powered Hypro® roller pump
  • Hypro® 6500 Series 6 Roller Pumps
    • Ni-Resist Housing
    • Capacity of 9.7 GPM and 150 PSI
  • 12-Volt Diaphragm Pump
    • Capacity of 5.2 GPM and 70 PSI

Accessory Option

Turf Marker System


CropCare® turf marker system

2.5 gal CropCare® turf marker system reduces overlapping or missed areas and is perfect for use on lawns, turf, or pasture.

Demco 40 Gal Pro Series

  • 40 gallon tank with a sloped bottom sump for total drainage, 5″ fill well, and 1 1/4″ outlet
  • Gallon and liter markings on the tank
  • Agitation is standard on all tanks
  • Special molded-in baffling in bottom of tank for enhanced agitation
  • Rugged 12 gauge formed steel skid frame
  • Bolt on tongue and axle with 15 x 6 flotation turf tires on silver rims for trailer models
  • Pressure regulator
  • Electric motor, diaphragm pump with Viton® valves – draws 9 amps @ 20 PSI (delivers 5 GPM)
  • Handgun with 15’ spray hose (380RB)
  • 80” spray boom with 2 nozzles (AN1.5). 12′ boom with 4 nozzles and spring loaded boom breakaway or 18′ boom with 6 nozzles
  • Skid dimensions 26.5″ wide x 34″ long x 21″ high
  • Rear mount fits category “1” three-point

Demco 60 Gal Pro Series

  • 60 gallon tank with a sloped bottom sump for total drainage, 5″ fillwell, and 1 1⁄4″ outlet.
  • Gallon and liter markings on the tank.
  • Agitation is standard on all tanks.
  • Special molded-in baffling in bottom of all tanks for enhanced agitation.
  • Pocket on top side of tank to hold two 1 gallon jugs or one 2 1⁄2 gallon jug for chemical or fresh water.
  • Rugged 12 gauge formed steel skid frame.
  • 18 x 9.50 flotation tires on silver rims for trailer models.
  • Electric motor, diaphragm pump with Viton® valves will deliver 5 GPM. Draws 9 amps at 20 PSI.
  • 3 HP Honda engine with centrifugal pump will deliver 12 GPM @ 50 PSI – 65 PSI maximum pressure. Fertilizer and Roundup® ready compatible.
  • 3.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine with C4101GE pump delivering 6.6 GPM at 2600 RPM and 50 PSI. 150 PSI max.
  • 4 HP Honda with 4 roller “Silver Cast” pump (XL4101).
  • Hypro® 6 roller PTO pump (C6500D) will deliver 8 GPM at 540 RPM and 50 PSI. 150 PSI max.
  • Handgun with 15’ hose (380RB).
  • 80” spray boom with 2 nozzles (AN1.5), 12’ spray boom with 4 nozzles and spring loaded boom breakaway or 18’ boom with 6 nozzles.
  • Skid dimensions 26.5″ wide x 34″ long x 30″ high.

NESSA Spot Sprayers

25 – 60 Gallon
Includes 3 or 4 GPM Everflo 12V Pump
Spray wand & Hose
Pressure Gauge
Optional Power kit with Battery Clips
Optional Power kit with DC – 10′


Dandy-Lion Killer

Apply Chemicals Without Spray Drift or Electronics


No Drift Roller Applicator – Presses the Chemical Directly on the Plants
Gravity Fed – No Electronics
6” Vented Lid allows Free Flow of Chemical
Adjustable Hitch (WR48 or WR72)
Adjustable Handle (WR36)
Pull behind Lawn Mower or ATV (WR48 or WR72)




36″ Weed Roller – Push Type


48″ Weed Roller – Pull Type


72″ Weed Roller – Push Type


Sprayer Features: This 50 gallon premium UTV sprayer is loaded with features that make spraying a breeze. Featuring a hinged over the gate EZ-lock boom mount that allows for quick boom removal or easy access to UTV (side-by-side) tailgate. Make pressure adjustments on the fly with the accessible driver side bay controls that include a robust Everflo 3.0 GPM diaphragm pump, pressure regulator, boom shut-off valve and pressure gauge. With a compact tank design, gain the visibility you need to monitor your spraying. Make filling swift with the wide mouthed 8” fill lid. Keep debris and chemical clumps from entering your pump with the easy to maintain QA inline strainer. Drain your sprayer completely with the angled base drain port. Finally, on-tank steel handles for effortless on/off lifting.

Approved for use with Round-Up® and other agricultural brand herbicides and insecticides. Backed by a two-year warranty on pump & components.

Spot Spraying: When it comes time to spot spray, un-holster your adjustable deluxe spray gun and reach up to 25 feet vertically and 30 feet horizontally from the comfort of your seat. Keep your 15 feet of hose from dragging and being damaged with the all-steel spray gun and hose rack.

Precision & Broadcast Spraying: With just a few twists, control over 17 combinations of spray patterns that allows for up to 30 feet of spray coverage. Features a positive shut-off between spray positions and drip-free check valves. Clean up is a breeze with the quick flush port. With a small wingspan, easily prevent damage from oncoming obstacles, such as trees. Comes standard with two boomless broadcast nozzles and three air induction nozzles.

Coverage: This premium UTV sprayer is designed to handle up to 5 acres of coverage in one sitting, making it ideal for large spray applications with a UTV (side-by-side) vehicle.

Master Trailer 40-60 Gal Sprayer

40 or 60 Gallon

Everflo Pump

3-Section Folding Breakaway Boom

18″ Handgun with 15 ft of Hose

On-Off Boom Control

120″ Boom Spray Coverage

Adjustable Pressure with Return to Tank

Deluxe Handgun

Master 25 Gal Trailer Sprayer

90 Degree Turning Radius

18″ Handgun with 15 ft hose

7ft Spray Boom Coverage

10″ Pneumatic Tires

12 V Connection Cables

Powder Coated All Steel Frame

Extended Tongue for Sharp Turning

Variable Pressure Regulator

Master 25 Gal ATV Mount Sprayer

Includes Tank, ATV Mount, Boom, 2 Straps and More
12 Volt Connection Cables
18″ Handgun with 15 Ft Hose
Adjustable Cone Spray Nozzle
Variable Pressure Regulator
Adjustable Boom Brackets


Master 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer

Includes Spray Tips

Easily convert from left hand to right had operation

Lever-Action Piston Pump

Built-in strainers and screen to help prevent clogging

Quick Fitting Shoulder Harness

Quality Viton Seals

Complete Spare Parts Kit

Master Hand Sprayers

1.2 Liter – Item # PU1.2L

1.2 and 8.0 Liter Hand Sprayers

Lightweight and easy to use

Handle-Action Piston Pump

Single Conical Spray tip

Large Mouth for Easy Filling

Pressure Relief Valve
Ergonomic handle


8 Liter – Item # PU8

Many styles available! contact us for pricing and availability