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Maximize your efficiency in the field with TeeJet precision farming products from NESSA Inc.  Make your work easier and more cost-efficient my eliminating skips and overlaps, and minimizing fatigue and stress.  Simple use and upgrades, and a wide range of functionalities make TeeJet Precision Products a great solution for farmers big or small, in all kinds of applications. Call today to get the best solution for your operation!

Matrix Pro 840GS

Matrix 840GS with Optional RealView Camera View on screen
TeeJet’s Full Featured GPS System That is Easy to Setup and Use!

Features Touchscreen with Mapping, RealView® Guidance Over Video (A TeeJet Exclusive!), advanced swath and rate control, compatibility with auto steer and auto boom section control, and much more.

The Matrix Pro 840GS has all the same features at the Matrix Pro 570GS, except it has a bigger screen. The Matrix Pro 840GS features a 8.4″ touch screen for a 200% increase in viewing area

Matrix Pro GS helps save time by storing multiple field boundaries and multiple guidelines for use in future operations.

Two-way data transfer allows uploading and downloading of job data, boundaries, no spray zones, AB lines and more

 A+ Azimuth (degree heading) allows identical, parallel, guidelines when operating multiple vehicles in the same field

Field Finder organizes saved jobs according to your current GPS location

Easy-to-use Fieldware® Link PC utility simplifies creating and maintaining client/farm/field/job data


Matrix Pro 570GS

TeeJet’s Full Featured GPS System That is Easy to Setup and Use!

The Matrix Pro 570GS has all the same features at the Matrix Pro 840GS, except it has a smaller screen and lower cost. The Matrix Pro 570GS features a 5.7″ touch screen. If you don’t need the bigger screen, save money for the same functionality!


Matrix 430

Ideal for simple, affordable guidance, this can be used for a wide
range of field applications including spraying, spreading, tillage and solid seeding.

Full time, on screen numeric display of cross-track error with user selectable display of two additional parameters including: worked area, worked time and ground speed

Optional RXA-30 antenna provides improved reception and noise rejection for situations where GNSS signals may be weak or partially obstructed

Minimal setup needed before operating

Return-to-point feature allows operator to easily resume jobs or mark field hazards

Boundary function allows for easy and precise measurement of field area

Implement ON/OFF status can be manually activated on screen for single or multiple sections or for single section only with status detect wire

Applied alert provides operator with audible alarm when entering into previously applied areas

Area counter measures and displays applied area throughout application

Elapsed time counter measures amount of time spent on current job

Simple reporting function provides coverage reports in .KML or .PDF format downloaded via USB port


Centerline 220

Looking for an Easy and Economical GPS System? The TeeJet CenterLine 220 is the best choice for simple guidance on a budget.


The CenterLine has a compact, portable package that can be easily transported, and setup is simple to get you running quickly.

Optional RXA-30 antenna provides improved reception and increased noise rejection for situations where GNSS signals may be weak or partially obstructed

ClearPath™ technology enhances GNSS performance in areas where reception is poor or in regions where differential correction is not readily available

Integrated look-ahead functionality anticipates vehicle’s future position



Aeros 9040


The Aeros 9040 gives you Guidance, Rate Control, and Much More!

Unique droplet size monitoring function allows real-time display of droplet size during spraying operations

Initial capability will include single product liquid or granular applications with servo or PWM control methods, future developments will add multiple product capabilities

Options include new complementary switchbox design or the option to integrate with existing console or joystick-mounted switches

Application page on Aeros console shows complete application details; key application information like rate and volume are viewable on guidance screen as well

Aeros system leverages the strong steering performance of FieldPilot with many solutions available for hydraulic, steer-by-wire, and assisted-steering electric motor systems

Exclusive RealView® guidance over video feature allows guidance
information to be viewed over a real-time video image

UniPilot Pro

UniPilot Pro shown picture with Aeros 9040 display

Assisted Steering to keep you on track!


Smooth, accurate assisted steering performance plus portability!

Helps you increase efficiency, productivity and flexibility

Easy to Use and Even Easier to Install

Assisted Steering has never been easier – simply install a gear ring to your steering wheel and a simple anti-rotation bracket on the steering column. Unlike other mechanical systems, there is no need to remove the steering wheel, nor is there any friction wheel to grab your fingers. A solid gear drive system quietly turns the steering wheel. And the system senses when you grab the wheel and automatically disengages. This means you can complete the installation and experience the benefits of assisted steering more quickly.

Improved Portability for Year-Round Use

UniPilot Pro can easily be moved between vehicles. An optional switch kit allows brackets to remain installed in a second machine, reducing the transfer to a simple 2-minute activity.


FieldPilot Pro

FieldPilot Pro Integrated Hydraulic Auto Steer System for Matrix Pro GS and Aeros 9040

The Next generation steering control module offers aggressive line acquisition, stable online performance and advanced tilt

3 sensors, 3 axes each= 9 degrees of freedom (original FieldPilot
offers 3 degrees of freedom.)


bring your farm to the future with teejet precision ag products