Marshall Rock Picker - ATV Rock Picker

Rock picking from the comfort of your ATV / UTV! Make heavy work easy with the Marshall Rock Picker from NESSA Inc.

Marshall ATV Rock Picker

"It's the only time rock picking is fun. I follow behind the 24 row planter and pick the rocks, using the wheel tracks as a guide. The ATV and Picker does not disturb the seedbed. Last season I picked 1500 acres by myself."
John V.
Clarkfield, MN
"I love my Marshall rock-picker – I am a farm wife and this machine has made the task of picking rock actually enjoyable. It is easy to pull with my 4 wheeler and by sitting closer to the ground than a tractor it is also easier to find the rocks. I used to have a large rock picker that was pulled behind the tractor and I found it to be too big and clumsy. This side-car rock picker makes is easier to pull up alongside the rocks, pick them up and throw into the back wagon. Plus it is easy to back up to dump the rocks as well. The push-button hydraulics are amazing and I rarely have to get off the 4 wheeler. Although this picker is small in size, it does twice the work than what I could do with the larger rock picker. My husband jokes that it is the best piece of farm equipment he’s bought for me – and I agree!" Patricia G. Elma, Iowa
Patricia G.
Elma, Iowa

Pick up rocks easier and quicker with your ATV/UTV!

  • 2” coupler
  • Self-contained 12v hydraulics
  • Durable 10ga steel rock box w/ Mesh floor
  • Heavy duty, EZ-Lube hub/spindles
  • Deep Cycle Battery included
  • Fits 15”-22”-30” row spacings
  • Machine weight – 680lbs
  • Powder coat paint
  • Optional wireless control
  • Hydraulic Dumping Rock Box
  • Made in the USA!


Capable of highway use
Hubs – 3500lb capacity per pair
EZ-Lube Spindles

Floor in rock hopper

Hvy-duty Mesh – Allows dirt to sift through


Interstate Deep Cycle

Swinging Hitch

Straight tongue position – pulling to/from field
Offset tongue position – pull up to the rock beside the ATV/UTV

Safety Lock

Keeps the reel from accidentally spinning while doing maintenance.

Non-Jamming Reel

Reel is allowed to “Bounce” up/down to not allow a “wedged’ Rock.

Heavy Teeth/Paddles

Thick material for extended wear
Reversable and Replaceable

Hydraulic Dump

Empties the rock load with the push of a button.

Sequencing valve

Keeps operation to a “1-2 button” operation

Powder Coat

Durable coating for corrosion resistance

Plugs into ATV to maintain battery charge


1 year Warranty on all parts and components

rock out in your atv!