Univerco EcoWeeders

Take the back-breaking work out of weeding with the Univerco Eco Weeder! Eco Weeders are available in 1, 2,or multi row weeders from 3-8 rows! Order before October 1st for your best price and availability!


Univerco EcoWeeders are ideal for many types of organic and specialty crops!


  • Pumpkins;

  • Squash;

  • Cabbage;

  • Cauliflower;

  • Green Peppers;

  • Tomatoes;

  • Broccoli;

  • Beets;

  • Turnips.


  • Annuals;

  • Transplants;

  • Bulbs.


  • Strawberries;

  • Raspberries;

  • Blueberries.



  • Cedars;

  • Conifers;

  • Ornamental Shrubs.


  • Sweet corn;

  • Soy.

…And Much More!

Eco Weeder 1 Row

The ECO 1 weeder is ideal for small farms who have limited man power. With a single row, you will easily replace up to 8 workers in the field and cover up to 6 acres a day, depending on the type of crop you grow. You will double these numbers with the ECO II.

  • Length – 2.13 m (84″)
  • Width – 1.42 m (56″)
  • Height – 1.22 m (48″)
  • Weight – 159 kg (350 lbs)
  • P.T.O – 540
  • Tractor – 20 HP (min.)
  • Row width of 30″ center to center (min.)
  • Wheel adjustment – 24″ – 48″) center to center;
  • Category two – 3-point hitch
  • Eliminates the use of herbicides
  • No hydraulics needed
  • Works around and between the plants

Eco Weeder 2 Row

If there are two rows underneath your tractor, this machine will work on rows varying from 30″ to 40″ (center to center). With special discs (offered as an option) the ECO weeder will weed along the plastic bed, allowing you to weed the 4″ – 6″ along the plastic edge that a cultivator can’t reach. The ECO weeder is ideal for organic farming and to reduce the use of chemicals in the field.

  • Length – 2.13 m (84″)
  • Width – 2.03 m (80″)
  • Height – 1.22 m (48″)
  • Weight – 204 kg (450 lbs)
  • P.T.O – 540
  • Tractor – 20 HP (min.)
  • Center to Center wheel width adjustment – 68″ to 80″
  • Category two 3-point hitch
  • Center to Center row width 30″ to 44″
  • Works with two rows underneath the tractor
  • Eliminates the use of herbicides
  • Weeds between the mulch and plastic
  • No hydraulics needed
  • Works between and around the plants

Eco Weeder Multi Row

The multi-row unit is what you need for your weed problem. No matter if it is a 3 or a 8 unit weeder, you will save time and money. Replace from 24 to 50 workers in the field, and cover up to 30 acres a day, depending on what kind of crop you grow.

The multi-row weeder from Univerco will allow you to cover large surfaces. The fully adjustable units will easily adapt to your type of crop, reducing man power and weeding time, and saving you money by replacing workers in the field.

  • Length – 3.66 m (144″) (4 rows)
  • Width – 2.95 m (116″)
  • Height – 2.34 m (92″)
  • Weight – Depends on the number of units
  • Tractor – 60 HP (min.)
  • From 3 to 6 rows configuration
  • Each unit adjusts independently from each other
  • Powered by the tractor’s hydraulic system
  • Safety cut-ff switch
  • Weed 25 acres and more a day
  • Will work in about every row crop
  • Unit adjusts to fit your row spacing

The Univerco EcoWeeders are the best weeder for hemp production! The 1,2, and multi row weeders have been used for various types of hemp production where there are licensed acres for production. Call us for more details and preorder before October 1st for your best price and availability!

Eco Weeder Options

There are different options available for the eco weeders. Ask us for more details!


Eco Weeder Parts

We stock wearable parts for Eco Weeders such as tines, belts, discs, etc. If you need a specific part, please give us a call and we can help!


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