Raven Precision Ag

Raven Precision Ag products can help you know where you are at, not just in the field, but back at home base when you need to analyze data. There are also products like auto boom, accuboom, etc that help only apply in the areas needed, which saves input costs. See how the line of Raven products can help with your operation.

Field Computer: Viper 4+

Viper 4+ integrates with Raven’s full line of products into one networked platform that offers a capacitive touchscreen and an intuitive, tablet-style interface with swiping features and horizontal or vertical orientation.

Customize your Viper 4+ by user and machine – it’s colorblind which means it works with equipment of every brand. Easy job set-up, fewer touches, and greater efficiency allow for extraordinary data management capabilities.

What’s New:

  • Faster boot-up time – approximately 30 seconds

  • Capacitive touchscreen – versus a resistive screen

  • Screen up to 3 times brighter with improved peripheral viewing

  • Ignition switch start-up and boot-down

  • Built-in-self-test capabilities to help identify software or hardware issues with the unit itself

Field Computer: CR7

The CR7 is a 7-inch lightweight field computer with customizable in-job layouts. A simple widget concept, easily accessible settings, and ISO Universal Terminal (UT) and Task Controller capabilities make this mighty unit an affordable, plug-and-play system.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple language support and customizable units
  • Simplified, customizable widget layout
  • Ability to access settings page from inside a job
  • Map-based navigation
  • Auto field boundaries keep you organized automatically
  • Interactive field/job list and map view
  • Slingshot-ready for file transfer, remote support, and OTA software updates
  • Compatible with Raven AccuBoom, serial SCS consoles, and external lightbar support
  • ISO Universal Terminal and Task Controller functionality via unlock
  • Straight A-B, A plus heading, pivot, contour, and last pass guidance
  • Compatible with autosteer products including SmarTrax and MD
  • Sub-meter single frequency GPS and GLONASS (optional external)
  • Scalable GPS (optional external)



Field Computer: CR12

The CR12 is the latest field computer in the CRX display family, joining the CR7. Uniquely, the CR12 offers an extensive field planning feature, allowing the user to define AB-lines and reference lines of the field boundary. The user can then setup the complete field, including multiple headlands, spray tracks, greening zones and tracks with different working widths.

Like the CR7, the CR12 is compatible with Slingshot® file transfer and remote support, RS1™, boom leveling, Raven product control, and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple, customizable user interface

  • Map based navigation

  • Operation Planning

  • Boundary and guidance line options

  • Grower-Farm-Field data structure

  • Recommended for up to 5 product control

  • Slingshot® file transfer and remote support

  • Slingshot® Over The Air Software Updates

  • Easy backup/system recovery

  • Straight A-B, A+, Pivot, Contour, Last Pass guidance

  • ISOBUS Universal Terminal and Task Controller capabilities

ISO Product Control

The Raven ISOBUS single product control node is designed to add liquid or granular speed compensated product control capabilities to ISOBUS virtual terminals. Adding the Raven ISOBUS product control node allows machine operators to monitor and control a Raven product control system directly from a virtual terminal (VT) display.

Features and Benefits

  • Industry leading flow and application control technology

  • Optional switch box for manual override of individual section

  • Universal product page no matter what controller you use

  • Task controller interface, section control compatibility, data-logging, and variable rate application with supporting virtual terminals

  • Liquid control or granular control with spinner control


Greater fuel and chemical savings, faster spraying times, ease-of-operation and more accurate spraying all add up quickly to improve your return on investment each and every season. Dollar for dollar, AccuBoom offers the fastest payback in precision ag equipment. AccuBoom automatic section control is your best protection against rising input costs.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic on-off control for up to 10 sections

  • Eliminate costly skips and overlaps

  • Adjustable look ahead function lets you adjust settings easily for the overlap you choose

  • Speed compensation function accounts for how fast you are driving and ensures properly timed shut-off

  • Optional remote control to help check nozzles quickly

Wireless Remote Option

With a wireless receiver and remote control option, you can check each section by yourself outside the cab. This handy accessory saves time and fuss and lets you turn each boom section on and off while you’re standing right there to see.

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