Row Crop Fertilizer Spreaders

Loftness Row Crop Spreaders are built to get the job done fast. Get your spreading done fast and more efficiently with up to 90′ spread patterns and variable rate ready models.

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Loftness RC800

With a single-axle design and 44-inch clearance, the RC800 Fertilizer Spreader is ideally engineered for row crop applications. SPREAD IS UP TO 90′! Save time in the field with a spread each pass.

Hitch with heavy duty safety chain

Hydraulic On/Off for Conveyor 
Ground clearance: 40″ under spinners & 47″ under frame 
Overall Height: 112″ with 380 x 46″ tires
Overall Length: 215″ 
Overall Width at 120″ Track: 136″ with 380 x 46″ tires 
Fitted Roll Tarp – heavy duty vinyl

The RC800 comes equipped with a positive mechanical conveyor drive, which eliminates the slippage problems of competitive friction wheel drives. It can also be fitted with an optional hydraulic conveyor drive, which delivers a total overlapping trapezoidal pattern of up to 90 feet and offers variable rate applications.

Variable Rate Ready
Precision Applications: An optional hydraulic conveyor belt drive can increase or decrease the fertilizer feed rate on the go. A prescription load rate can be written into your monitor to control how much fertilizer should be applied to each part of the field. If one area needs more nitrogen than another, for instance, the fertilizer rate will adjust automatically according to the GPS position.

Conveyor Drive
An optional hydraulic drive replaces the standard two-speed mechanical drive, and offers on-the-go rate variability to fine tune fertilizer application.

Spinner Drive
The standard PTO spinner drive can be replaced with either a 540/1,000 rpm dual-drive PTO or hydraulic drive.

Standard tires on the RC800 are 380/90-R46, however they can be optioned out for 480/80R42 tires.

Roll Tarp
An optional roll tarp can be installed to protect material within the hopper from weather elements.

Safety guard around fans

Drive Spinners 
Hydraulic or PTO drive spinners


Frame Clearance
A 44-inch frame clearance for in-season applications allows operators to spoon-feed nutrients as the crop needs them.

Spread Pattern
Dual stainless steel spinners deliver a total overlapping trapezoidal pattern of up to 90 feet with an optional hydraulic drive. The standard 540 rpm PTO spinner drive produces a 50-foot pattern, as does the optional 540/1,000 rpm PTO drive.

Adjustbale Tread Width
The RC800 includes a variable tread width from 80 to 120 inches to accommodate virtually any row spacing.

Obstruction Free Interior
The hopper is smooth with minimal flat surfaces and no internal gussets or plates to accumulate fertilizer. This results in a much cleaner system that helps prevent corrosion.

Mechanical Apron Drive
A mechanically driven drive eliminates the slippage problems of competitive friction wheel drives. They can also be equipped with an optional hydraulic conveyor drive for variable rate applications.

Simple Bearing Design
One bearing part number for all driveline components on the machine greatly simplifies the maintenance and replacement process.

Adjustable Hitch
The hitch has a moveable clevis to accommodate a wider range of drawbar heights, and allows for leveling of the spreader. The hitch is also integral to the frame, while the suspension pulls from the hitch lowering the amount of frame stress.

Integral Lights
Sealed and rubber isolated lights are tucked neatly inside the frame.



Loftness 12-Ton F1210

This 12-Ton Fertilizer Spreader Has a Ton of Features!

The Loftness 12-ton fertilizer spreader features all-hydraulic conveyor and spinner drives that are variable rate ready and produce the most consistent spread pattern in the industry. Plus, it has a 41-inch frame clearance with variable tread width for in-season applications in row crops. The hopper is constructed of 409 stainless steel and includes no obstructions to help prevent material build-up and corrosion, while allowing material to flow smoothly.



Precision Applications: The 12-ton fertilizer spreader comes standard with hydraulic conveyor drives, allowing the material feed rate to adjust independently of the ground speed for variable rate applications. Dual chains offer optional independent control of the left and right sections. Controlled spinner drives are also available for automatic adjustment of the spinner speed according to the ground speed. The system allows you to load prescriptions into your monitor to automatically adjust the application rates for different management zones in each field.

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