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Univerco Fruit & Vegetable Equipment

Univerco has a full line of fruit and vegetable harvesting products as well as washing lines, weeders, and more! See more information below and more videos on our YouTube page.

Cabbage Harvester


  • 1 row;

  • 3-point hitch;

  • Full electro-hydraulic control;

  • Equipped with soft rubber-covered conveyor belt;

  • Picker equipped with side-shift for better row alignment;

  • Adjustable cutting height;

  • Straight and precise cutting;

  • Harvest up to 200-250 tons per day;

  • No more hand pickers will be required in the field;

  • Recommended tractor – 85 HP (4×4);

  • Length – 7.62 m (15′);

  • Width – 1.82 m (6′);

  • Height – 2.43 m (8′);

  • Weight – 2,850 kg (6,285 lbs);

  • Side conveyor – 6m (19.75′);

  • P.T.O – 540.

Carrot Harvester


  • Full automatic control for fast and precise operation;

  • The knife blades are made of alloy steel for greater durability;

  • P.T.O. driven hydraulic pump for all operations;

  • Very little annual maintenance; Several options available;

  • Everything is controlled from the inside of the tractor; Recommended Tractor – Minimum 75 HP (4×4);

  • P.T.O. – 540; Operation speed – from 3 to 10 km/h;

  • Maximum loading height – 3.40 m; Large dirt removing capacity;

  • Industrial Structure, High performance;

  • Legnth : 210”;

  • Width: 103”;

  • Height: 111”;

  • Weight 7099 lbs

*Note – There are also other model sizes of the carrot harvester available!

Radish Harvester


  • 3 row Radish Harvester with 3 point Hitch;

  • Complete hydraulic system independant from tractor;

  • Minimum maintenance conveyor;

  • Platform for boxes or bog bags;

  • Robuste contruction.

Onion Harvester


  • Pull-type model with a new topper bed.  The quality of topping in green and dry tops is remarkable;

  • The controls of the harvester are located inside the tractor, such as speed control of the elecator and the electric controls of the cylinders;

  • The picker belt is 1 M (40 inches) wide and will drop the onions on a 16 roller table which is equippes with a spreader arm that increases the efficiency of the topper bed.  In good field condition you will be able to harvest 32 tons by the hour;

  • Mechanically driven, the picker belt and the topper bed will go through a lot of weeds.  The topper bed is also adjustable up and down at the rear end to adjust the flow of onions;

  • Length : 3.20m (25’);

  • Width: 2.10m (8’);

  • Height : 1.10m (10’);

  • Weight: 880 kg (7,005 lbs);

  • Maximum working width – 1.70m (6’);

  • Belt width – 1.45m (5’);

  • Recommended Tractor : Minimum 60HP;

  • P.T.O. – 540;

  • Working depth – adjustable from tractor.


G3 Industrial Onion Harvester

Characteristics : 

  • Picker 40” wide;
  • Onion lifting rotary bar;
  • Complete hydraulic system with quadruple pump;
  • Electro-hydraulic conveyor with adjustable speeds;
  • Complete control box;
  • 3 viewing cameras;
  • 16 roller topper table with variable speeds and angles;
  • Steering wheels;
  • Capacity of 30 to 40 tons/hour;
  • Wheel center 70”;
  • Overall width 100”;
  • Easy flow rubber paddles;
  • Conveyor for side loading.

Onion Digger


  • Recommended tractor : 60HP;

  • P.T.O : 540 TR/min;

  • Working depth : adjustable from the tractor;

  • Front mechanical rotary bar for easy pulling;

  • Equalizing ground roller under the machine;

  • Conveyor option for doubling rows;

Rider II Onion Harvester


  • Superior performance – up to 70 tons per hour

  • Easy to use – Simple and intuitive control panel

  • Ultra strong and durable construction

"Before my one row harvester I was doing 6 truck loads a day. Now with my new Rider II I'm doing at least 10 truck loads a day!"
Owner of a Rider II since 2017

Mini Veg Compact Harvester

See the video for more information!

Picking Assistant

The Picking Assistant is designed for all your small to large scale crop harvesting, weeding, planting, and bed maintenance needs. The simple design increases the efficiency of your field workers by protecting them from the weather, saving back strain, and keeping them going strong throughout the day

  • PA1600 includes a variable speed controller, allowing the operator to move at different speeds, rather than preset speeds.
  • Height adjustment and zinc-plated brackets
  • Dual high torque gear motors
  • Dual 12 volt batteries
  • Durable, easy-to-clean comfort pads
  • A solar charging system maintains the battery charge (in most field conditions)
  • 110 V battery charger included so that the batteries can be charged when the unit is in storage for extended periods of time
  • Picking height adjustment 20″ to 30″
  • Width adjustment 36″ to 66″
  • All weather canopy
  • Max speed is appx. 44 ft. per minute
  • 2 year Limited Warranty

PR2500 Plastic Mulch Lifter-Wrapper

The Plastic Mulch Lifter-Wrapper (PR2500) combines the lifting and wrapping of plastic mulch into ONE EASY PASS. As it splits and lifts the plastic, it rolls the dirt, vines, and trash to the side and wraps the plastic neatly into rolls that are easy to dispose. Whether you are removing early sweet corn plastic in the spring or plastic mulch in the fall, you will save valuable time and greatly increase your efficiency in plastic mulch removal with the PR2500. The PR2500 also excels at lifting and wrapping buried or surface drip tape

Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty powder coated steel frame & components

  • Easy-to-operate thumb controls

  • Attaches to category 1 or 2 three point hitches

  • 2 year limited warranty


The operator platform provides a complete view of the operation, and the convenient dual motor controls allow the operator to control the tension on each piece of plastic with just their thumb. Operators will quickly find that using the PR2500 is simple and even enjoyable.


Standard single center coulter splits the plastic while the side coulters cut any vines or trash at the edge of the plastic. Optional double coulter adapter kit improves machine function when lifting plastic from beds with multiple plant rows.


Two reels wrap both pieces of plastic simultaneously. Under normal conditions, the PR2500 recovers plastic at speeds of 3-5 M.P.H. Removing plastic from the collapsible reels is fast, simple, and requires no bolts, pins, or rods to be removed.

3PT Shielded Boom Sprayers

CropCare® 110 gal shielded sprayers increase targeted herbicide spray capabilities between rows where it is critical to prevent drift on the surrounding vegetables, fruits, or other crops. The clear Lexan shields are adjustable for different row widths, and the spray tips can easily be moved to various settings. Most adjustments can be made quickly without the use of any tools.

Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty powder coated steel frame & components

  • In-line filter system

  • Quick-attach non-drip nozzle bodies

  • Jet agitation

  • Attaches to category 1 or 2 three point hitches

  • 110 gallons

  • 2 year limited warranty


Manual controls are conveniently reached from the tractor seat. Two levers provide individual shut-offs for each set of spray nozzles. A pressure regulator valve provides tank agitation and spray system pressure adjustment.

Pump Options

All pump options have a capacity of 9.7 gpm and 150 psi.

  • Hypro® 6500C cast iron

    • Maximum pump life of 140 hours

  • Hypro® 6500N ni-resist

    • Maximum pump life of 332 hours

  • Hypro® 6500XL silver series

    • Pump still meets new pump specs at 1000 hours

Spray Nozzle

  • TeeJet® extended range air induction flat fan nozzles

    • Spray herbicides across a wide pressure range (15-90 psi)

specialized equipment for your specialty crops